Wedding Cake 101

Cake prices vary according to the batter,filling, icing/frosting, decoration and flavour you choose. The cake’s design will dictate the final price of the cake, and we gladly work within all budgets. Cake design is limitless and we welcome photos, swatches, dress patterns or any other inspiration for your cake.

The most popular question seems to be “How much is a three tiered wedding cake?”. It’s never quite that simple. A three tier wedding cake can serve as few as 75 portions and as many as 300. It may be trimmed with simple ribbon or hand painted or accented with fondant graphics.Only after the final designs have been established can we possibly tell you how much your dream cake will cost, and in that regard, every cake is tailored to each and every wedding.

The amount of cake that you will need will depend largely on the occasion. For example; a wedding cake portion is generally smaller than the portion of cake served at a birthday party, since the guests will be most likely be eating heavy hors d‘oeuvres or dinner. Some people will not eat cake at all, others will have more than one piece, and some guests will not attend. For a wedding, you may consider one slice per guest. The bigger the gathering the lower the ratio (since generally the amount of choice of other foods and drinks increases). More cake flavors will require more servings. And if using a groom’s cake, a minimal amount of overlap would be required.

Our design services are custom and therefore based on the current market. An estimate of per-serving prices are available at our initial consultation, and vary according to the detail and complexity of the cake design.

Wedding cake prices always include:

1. An amazing and delicious cake in keeping with the style of your wedding.

2. A cake which is sized as closely to your required number of servings as possible, yet always leaves a minimum number of extra servings.

We charge per layer of cake. A tier contains a minimum of 2 layers at 2” each. We offer up to 4 layers maximum. The cake sizes are based on the number of guest and we offer the followings; 4″, 5″, 6″ ,7″ ,8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, 13”, 14”, 15”, 16”, and 18” of the following shapes: Round, Square, Oval, Heart, Hexagon, Tear Drop/Comma, Petal, Star.

A tier contains 4-layers of cake which is 1-inch thick and a layer of buttercream or any choice filling in between the layers.

The finished height of a tier that has 4-layers of cake with choice filling and covered in rolled fondant is between 5”-6” per tier.

The cakes are served in disposable plates and each serving is 5” x 2” x 1” (Height x Base x Width).

We offer up to a minimum of 8-layers per tier and this will considerably increase the final amount of the cake.

We are offering two price options which we believe will be able to cover your budget.

Additional cake layers are charged at N15,000 each (2 layers of 1-inch thickness each)

Thank you.


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