Contact Info

To order a cake, simply do the following:

By email:

By mobile: +234-813-699-5393

Consultations are conducted by appointment only. Due to our baking schedule, Mondays and Tuesdays are preferable, however alternative arrangements can be made. Please call or email.

Reserving your date:
To save a special event date, please remember that your date is not considered reserved until a booking fee has been received. The balance will be due 3 weeks prior to your event. Any order cancelled less than one  month before the event will require the entire fee to be paid, regardless. Cakes By Whales will submit a final cake design and pricing directly after consultation with the bride; we must receive written approval (via email  or a signed receipt of the submitted design) no later than one month prior  to the event.


One thought on “Contact Info

  1. Hey Cakes By Whales,

    Thumbs Up on the web blog, its cool and professional.

    Good Luck and Have fun baking and decorating.



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